Undead mafia princess trying to turn over a new leaf


Name: Carmine Mendoza
Age: 25-30~
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 120

Appearance: Long, dark hair, brown eyes and a light brown complexion.

Carmine was born in Baltimore, as was her younger brother Carlos, but her father and mother came from Mexico. Her father was part of the upper ranks of one of the drug cartels, and was sent to the US to oversee international drug traffic routes. Carmine and her brother went to nice private schools, had many nice things and were mostly sheltered from their father’s job. However, when Carmine was 16, a rival cartel made an attempted hit on her father. He lived,but her mother was killed. Carmine has a tattoo on her back of Santa Muerte, which she got in remembrance of her mother when she was older.

Against her father’s wishes, she went away to college, not wanting to have anything to do with gang life, but her brother got into the family business, joining a Baltimore branch of the street gang that was affiliated with her father’s cartel. Carmine was upset to find out about it. He wasn’t officially in the gang more that six month when his body was found in an alley. There were no leads and though it was all over then news, the cops didn’t seem too interested in pursuing it.

Hearing the news of her brother’s death, Carmine couldn’t keep up in school. She left and returned to her father’s house in Baltimore. At first she wouldn’t go out, and barely ate. She decided that she had to know who had done this to her brother. She started to talk to his friends, and to the members of his gang, but no one would talk, and warned her not to get involved in this kind of thing.

One of the friends who had grown up with Carlos and Carmine, Vicente, had gotten involved with a youth shelter and encouraged Carmine to do something positive with her anger. She started volunteering at several shelters and anti-gang outreach groups. Her father just shook his head at first, but as she became more and more invested in the cause, they had many arguments. She couldn’t take any more arguing and left to move in with Vicente. Shortly after this, she was offered a job at a large non-profit foundation. She accepted the job.

She began to feel that she was being watched when walking home, and sometimes when in her apartment. Around this same time, Vicente let her know that he was getting threats from her father’s people to stay away from her, and that he was afraid for his life. She assumed that these two things were connected. Knowing what her father was capable of, she broke it off with Vicente and got her own place.

Late one night, walking home by herself, she heard footsteps behind her on an empty street. She looked back to see more empty street, but when she walked on she heard the footsteps again. She sprinted the rest of the way home in terror and was unable to sleep that night.

That weekend, at a fundraising dinner she had to attend for work, she met Anton. She was talking to a city councilman when she felt the hairs on the back of her neck prickle. She turned to see a man looking at her from across the room. He was dressed in a dark, expensive looking suit, absently holding a martini, and clearly staring straight at her. They made eye contact, and he didn’t look away. A small grin played across his lips. She broke away first. She felt a bit like a rabbit looking up as an owl flies overhead. She made excuses to the councilman and started to make her way to the coat check. She would call Vicente and have him pick her up…

She almost ran straight into the man. He was no longer holding a drink, and put out his hands to keep her from falling. She fumbled with her purse and apologized, flustered and frightened. He smiled at her. This close he was rather handsome, she thought, confused by a whirl of conflicting feelings.

“I’m sorry, how clumsy of me, I wasn’t looking where I was going.”, he said, his hand still touching her arm. His eyes met hers again. There was something cold about them, but she couldn’t look away. “You look like you want to get out of here. Let me give you a ride someplace.” He said the sentence with a strange inflection. She nodded. This was beginning to feel like some sort of dream.

She followed him out, and the valet brought his car. It was an old-fashioned looking Rolls Royce, in perfect condition. She got into the car mechanically. He started the car and they drove off. She sat in the passengers seat watching lights and people flicker past outside. He pulled the car up to a large townhouse. He got out, and a man she didn’t recognize open the the door for her, then drove the car away to park. “Come inside.” he said. Not even thinking to question it, she followed him up the stairs and into the house.

“Carmine. We have important business to discuss..” He said. “You know my name?” She asked, suddenly snapping out of her trance. “You will find that I am well informed about a number of things. But as a matter of fact, you have worked for me for some time now. I am Anton Velasco, the Director of the foundation you work for. Generally, I prefer to take a hands off approach and allow others to manage the day to day things while I keep an eye on the big picture. But this requires my personal attention. I have been watching you—.”

“I don’t understand. I’ve never seen you before. You say you run the foundation? What do you mean ‘watching’ me?”

“You don’t need to understand, not yet. I have brought you here to offer you something very precious. Power. Eternal life. Eternal youth.” he was walking towards her as he spoke, with a strange, hungry look in his eyes. Carmine, alarmed, pulled her gun out of her purse. Anton sighed. “Put the gun down.” She dropped the gun to the floor obediently. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her close. Then his teeth were in her throat. Next thing she knew, she was sprawled on the floor, looking up at him through darkening vision. “Unfortunately, if you refuse, I am going to have to let you die here. What do you say?” Carmine nodded weakly.

Anton tore at his wrist with his teeth, then pressed it to her mouth. “A wise choice, childe.”


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