Name: Anton Xabier Velasco
Clan: Ventrue
Age: Over 200
Weight: 160lbs

Appearance: Anton has dark hair and a Mediterranean complexion. He always dresses relatively formally and wears tailored suits. (Has a tendency to look a bit like a very stylish hit-man).

Bio: Carmine only knows what Anton has told her, but according to him, he was born from Basque nobility in Spain, and was sired by a Spanish princess. He then spouts their lineage as Ventrue: Spaniards, Moors, Italians, all the way back to Rome, which Carmine has had to memorize.

He resided in Spain up until the Spanish Civil war, when the political turmoil extended to the vampire court. He left Europe for Mexico and lived there for a while. Carmine doesn’t really know what brought him to Baltimore, though he claims to have been acquainted with the previous prince.

Like any Ventrue, Anton has many business interests, both legitimate and otherwise.


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