Before becoming a vampire, Fenris was formerly known as Manuel de la Cruz, and lived in Los Angeles. He was a member of the Navy Seals, and was an expert in hand to hand combat. His squad was sent into Mexico on a covert mission to take out the head of a drug cartel named Muerte, which was systematically eliminating rival cartels and consolidating power. Manuel’s squad succeeded in infiltrating the headquarters, but what they came across was completely unexpected. The cartel was actually run by vampires, who were able to easily kill most of the squad of soldiers, including Manuel, who was actually grappled and drained by the leader of Muerte’s enforcement squad. Manuel’s last thoughts were of how the military knew what Muerte was, and how they’d sent an entire squad of men to their deaths for no reason.

Manuel awoke later in a metal cage filled with a strong sense of betrayal and hunger. The man who drained him came and offered him a position, explaining that the cartel was just the public front for an up-and-coming group of vampires, and that he would be a great asset. He accepted, and was let out of the cage. He then chose to abandon his name along with his former life, and took on the name Fenris.

After a few months of getting acclimated to the organization, Fenris was sent along with a couple others to Baltimore to help Muerte get a foothold. However, as he was meeting with one of the local gangs, they were ambushed by an unknown force. The leader of the group was eliminated just as Fenris was able to help the others in the group escape. Unfortunately, the leader of the group was the only one with the knowledge and ability to get in touch with the Muerte hierarchy, so now Fenris is trapped in Baltimore without direction, while at the same time being hunted by an unknown enemy.


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